COVID-19 Info

2021 Alamo Classic COVID-19 Protocols:

Competition Arena & Spectators

  • Mandatory temperature and symptom check for all attendees at entry
  • Mandatory mask requirement for all attendees over 10 years of age. Athletes who are competing will be allowed to remove their masks when competing.
  • Social distancing perimeters will be in place for spectators and athletes (we have over 90,000 square feet at the competition arena so social distancing will be achievable)
  • Sessions will be scheduled to allow for the extra time needed to empty the competition arena between sessions for sanitizing and cleaning
  • Separate entrance and exits for all attendees
  • All competition equipment will be sanitized between rotations


  • Athletes will wear masks when not competing
  • Athletes will be required to use their own chalk (Chalk & individual chalk containers will be for sale at the arena or athletes can bring their own) 
  • Athletes will be encouraged to use hand sanitizing stations between events


  • All coaches will be required to wear masks
  • Coaches will be required to sanitize hands between events
  • Clubs will be encouraged to send no more than two coaches per session unless team is placed in multiple squads
  • Coaches should avoid approaching Judges’ table ( Score Inquiry Forms will be available to coaches to inquire about an athlete’s score)


  • Single Judge panels will be used for all compulsory sessions and Xcel Bronze/ Silver/ Gold sessions
  • Judges will tabulate their own scores
  • Judges will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be achieved

COVID- 19 Refund Policy:

  • If the entire competition and/or a single session is canceled by the State of Texas, Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, Henry B. Gonzalez convention center, and/ or the competition host, the following refunds will be allowed:
    • Canceled before November 1, 2020: 100% athlete entry refund
    • Canceled before December 1, 2020: 80% athlete entry refund 
    • Canceled after January 1, 2021: 70% athlete entry refund
  • If an athlete arrives at the meet with COVID-19 symptoms, including fever at entry:
    • No refund will be given but the scratched athlete will receive their Alamo Classic athlete gift